How to Prepare For Your Consultation with a Car Crash Attorney

If you have been involved in a car accident and are planning to get the help of a car crash attorney, you will want to make sure that you prepare for the consultation so that you can make good use of your time and the attorney’s time.

 More than 37,000 people lose their lives in car crash accidents in the United States every year.

Table showing traffic deaths by year

 car crash attorney

Chart showing injury deaths by intent

However, you should know that consultations are usually free, so you don’t need to pay any money.

Here are tips for preparing for you first meeting with a car crash attorney:

  • Gather all the information and relevant documents that will be helpful in the case
  • Assess the facts of the car crash
  • Create a list of questions to ask the attorney
  • Know what you are looking for in a car crash attorney

Let’s us break down each step for easy understanding

Gather All the Information and Relevant Documents Needed

The relevant information and documents needed for your car crash accident include:

  • Copies of police report that you have been provided with
  • Pictures of the scene of the accident that you may have taken as well as the vehicles involved. If you have taken the photos with your phone or digital camera, just bring the device to the attorney so that he can plug it on his computer and bring the photos on a memory stick or flash drive.
  • Tickets that you received from the car crash incident
  • Contacts and names of those who witnesses the accident
  • The name, claim number, contact information, and contact information of your automobile insurance company
  • The name and address of the driver who caused the crash
  • The name and address of your doctor or health care provider
  • The name, policy number and contact details of your health insurance company
  • Proof showing loss of income
  • Medical bills for your treatment
  • Notes or medical records that you have received from your health care provider
  • Anny communication that you may have had with any insurance company involved in the insurance claim

If you have these documents, then you need to make sure that you bring them to your meeting. While your car crash attorney can gather all the information he needs for the case, providing these documents can save the attorney’s time and keep him from him to go over the case again and get information and documents that may be in your possession already.

Assess the Facts of the Car Crash

During the consultation, the attorney will ask you numerous questions about your personal injury case. The attorney will ask you a lot of question regarding how the crash happened and will also want to know your suffering, injury, medical history, pain and suffering, work history, lost income, education background, among other things. If you were involved in a severe accident, you will need to flashback and create a clear image of how the accident happened so that you can answer every question asked by your car crash attorney.

Create a List of Questions to Ask Your Attorney

There are things that you will definitely want to know from your attorney. You need to create a list of questions that you will ask the attorney. Among the many questions you should ask your car crash attorney include:

  • How many years of experience do you have in the industry?
  • How many cases like this one have you handled?
  • Do you have any experienced handling car crash cases that involved serious injuries such as spinal cord injuries, broken legs, or any other condition that may cause lifelong medical condition?
  • Are you a member of any professional organization and bar association?

Questions about the case

During the meeting with the attorney, you need to take your time to describe every detail of the accident as well as related injuries. You will also want to know the attorney’s opinion about your case. Some of the most common questions to ask your attorney include:

  • Do I have a case?
  • What are the chances of my case going to trial?
  • What could work against me and what could work in my favor>
  • What damages can I recover?
  • What documents do you need to prepare the case?
  • How long do you need to make a settlement demand?
  • Will you file a lawsuit in the event that you don’t get a reasonable settlement?

These questions should help you make an informed decision about whether to hire the car crash attorney or not. You can also ask the attorney to provide you with reference from previous. A good attorney should be happy to provide.

You should however understand that there are things that an attorney won’t be able to communicate during the consultation. He will be in a better position to reveal some realities of the case after look at all the documentation.

A Good Attorney Will Not Give You a Quote of How Much Your Case Is Worth during Consultation

This is a very important point to note when looking for a car crash attorney. A reliable and professional attorney will not know how much your case is worth until he looks at all the relevant information.

Insurance adjusters won’t talk about money until they have all the relevant information-the same applies to your lawyer. You should avoid attorneys who tell you in the consultation meeting or on the phone how much your case is worth.

Know What You Are Looking For In an Attorney

Are you looking for an attorney will update you on every step of the case? Or do you want hire an attorney who will do everything for you and get back to you only when there is an offer on the table? Car crash attorneys are different. Actually, some of the best lawyers don’t have exceptional social skills and some amazing communicators are average attorneys.