How a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help You

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Motorcycle accidents often result to serious injuries, and getting the compensation you deserve depends on whether or not you have hired a motorcycle accident attorney. According to NHTSA, 4,976 people lost their lives in motorcycle accidents in the United States in 2015.

An attorney who is experienced in motorcycle accident claims will do the legwork for you, including filing the lawsuit, indentifying the party to sue, calculating the damages owed and negotiating on the behalf of the plaintiff.

Motorcycle accident attorney

Table showing fatal and no-fatal motorcycle injury rates

Motorcyle accident attorney

Chart showing road accident is the leading cause of injury in the United States

How to Choose a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

With so many motorcycle accident attorneys, it can be difficult to choose one that is suited for your case. However, there are certain factors that you need to keep in mind when looking for an attorney for your motorcycle accident:


Getting good results is not the only factor that contributes to the reputation of the attorney. Speak with associates or friends who have previously hired an attorney, check reviews on the internet, and take some time to determine whether the attorney is right for your case or not. You may also want to inquire about the attorney’s relationship with previous clients. Is he friendly? Does he work to get better settlements or is inclined to taking easy settlement offers?


It goes without saying that results are basically the most important factor, especially when you have sustained serious injuries. It’s usually not easy to access the results of the attorney without asking them; therefore, it is important that you bring up the results question with each attorney you meet or consult before making the final decision to hire.

When you consult a motorcycle accident attorney, you may not want to hire on the spot. It is recommended that you speak to other attorneys before and after the consultation. This is very important in helping you to choose the attorney that is right for your case.

How to Present Your Personal Injury Case to the Attorney

When you bring your personal injury case to a motorcycle accident attorney, you should be prepared to provide them with as much information as possible about the accident. Attorneys don’t accept every case that’s brought before them and will want to hear all the details of the accident before they can commit to the case. The plaintiff is required to help the attorney by taking these simple steps:

Understand the motorcycle accident

Review the facts of the motorcycle accident that you were involved in so as to better explain the events that led to the accident and who caused it

Identify the evidence

Your attorney will need to evaluate the physical evidence of the motorcycle accident. Getting together photos of the accident, witness statements, police report and any other evidence that will help the motorcycle attorney to evaluate your personal injury case.

Your insurance policy

When consulting with a motorcycle accident attorney, it is important that you know what your insurance policy says. Connect the policy to the damages you sustained.

A motorcycle accident attorney should come up with a basic understanding of your personal injury case and build a strong case against the party that caused the accident. Therefore, anything you do to help the attorney will definitely play a significant role in ensuring the success of the case. Well, this is not to say that you should go out to conduct an investigation on your own, but simply compiling easy to get evidence is crucial before speaking to an attorney

Negotiating a Settlement Claim on Your Behalf

Most personal injury cases, including motorcycle accident cases, are usually settled before going to trials. With that being said, it is important that you seek the services of an experienced motorcycle attorney. The attorney’s negotiation skills will help you get a fair settlement depending on the severity of the accident.

An insurance company will offer you a lower settlement if you are not represented by an attorney in hopes that you would accept it. However, when an attorney is involved, the threat of costly litigation becomes more realistic, thus strengthening your bargaining power.

Represented parties often get higher compensation amounts than people who decide to represent themselves. It is important that you take your time to find an attorney that is experienced in your case. You may start by asking your family members and friends.

How to Work With a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Once you have selected the attorney you need to work with, it is important that you stay actively involved in your personal injury case. Although the attorney will be responsible for making strategic decisions and handling the process of filing the lawsuit, the ultimate decisions of the case will be made by you.

After hiring the motorcycle attorney of your choice, work closely with them to develop strategies for your case, understand the direction that the case is headed, provide them with any information you will find regarding your case, ask the attorney to contact you before taking any action and always contact them on a regular basis to get updates.

It is important that you stay informed throughout the process in order to ensure that the attorney gets every detail he needs from you.

Legal fees

Most motorcycle accident attorneys will request for contingency fee, which means that you don’t pay them unless the case is complete and you have been settled. Some attorneys charge per hour, some have a higher contingency fee and others will request retainer payments to covers for litigation costs.

Make sure that you cover the issues before making the decision to hire. Motorcycle injuries are not only serious but can also come with expensive long term consequences. Therefore, you may want to speak to a skilled and experienced attorney who specializes in this type of cases.

If you or a family member has sustained serious injuries in a motorcycle accident, it is important that you seek the services of a motorcycle accident attorney.

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