Traffic Accident Attorney Advice: 7 Tips

7 tips traffic accident lawyerFollow these 7 tips when you need a traffic accident attorney.
Sustaining injuries in a traffic accident can be a devastating experience. Your may not be able to go to work for a very long time and your life will take a drastic turn. When truck or another car crashes into your vehicle, chances are that you and other members in your vehicle will incur mental and physical trauma because the odds are heavily stacked against you. At minimum, being involved in an accident with another car often cause serious injuries to the passengers of the vehicle, leaving them affected and in need of financial, medical and legal assistance.

In the United States, more than 37,000 people lose their lives in road accidents. Most of these accidents are usually caused by someone else’s fault.

Causes of accidents

Table showing traffic accident is the leading cause of injury

Traffic accident attorney

Chart showing leading cause of injury in the Unites States

If you have sustained injuries or lost a loved one in a traffic accident, it is crucial that you take all the necessary measures to ensure the best financial, emotional and physical outcome for yourself and other passengers. Here are tips on what to do after being involved in an accident:

  1. Contact the authorities

Immediately after the accident, provided you can move and it seems safe to do so, make sure that you contact the state patrol or police. It is important that you call the state level authorities so that they can come to the scene of the accident and attend to the injured or potentially injured individuals and get statements from witnesses, and collect evident regarding the cause and nature of the traffic accident.

  1. Obtain insurance details of the driver who caused the accident

Whether or not you contact the authorities right away, make sure that you request the driver’s insurance, license and the plate details of the vehicle that caused the accident. These details are very important when filing for a compensation claim. Even if you and your passengers have not sustained injuries, it is always important to have the event documented. You may realize the effects of the accident later.

  1. Don’t admit fault

Some victims of a traffic accident often feel the need to immediately talk about the incidents of the accident. While it is important that you remain at the scene of the accident, you should avoid admitting fault concerning the accident. Unless you are an attorney, chances are that you are not aware of the potential consequences related to determining the fault in a traffic accident. It is your right to refrain from giving any statement even if you think you were partially at fault. The only details you need to provide in a traffic accident are your driver information and contact and ask the authorities present if you can leave. If they say no, then request that you have an attorney to represent you and avoid answering any questions until the attorney arrives.

  1. Check your car for damages

If you have a camera at the scene of the accident, make sure that you take pictures of your car and the vehicle that caused the accident as well as any relevant items in the surrounding area such as other cars, telephone poles etc. Take many photos of the accident scene, any skid marks, tire tracks and damages to the cars involved in the accident. Smartphones in this era has made it easy to take photos and share them. However, you should share them with your traffic accident attorney. If you feel the need to share them, then you should first speak to your attorney.

  1. See a doctor

Once the authorities allow you to leave, your next stop should be at your doctor’s office or any nearby hospital, depending on how serious the injuries are. If you can drive, you may want to request an ambulance or call a relative or friend to take you to a good health center where you can receive proper medical care right away. If you don’t feel any pain immediately, you may notice that in the days or week to follow, you will begin experiencing pain. If this is the case, make sure that you visit your doctor and report the problems you are experiencing. Waiting for a long time before seeking medical attention after an accident will only make it difficult for you to get the compensation you deserve. It is important that you seek medical attention as soon as possible because you may have sustained injuries and not know it because of shock or increased adrenaline.

  1. Inform your insurance company

It is also important that you inform your insurance company immediately after being involved in an accident. Insurance companies have different provisions and requirements for “Duties and Loss.” It is crucial that you send a written letter giving notice of the claim immediately. Once you have seen a doctor and the accident have been adequately documented, it is important that you inform your insurance company. This should be your priority. If requested, you can share the details of the traffic accident with your insurance company. It is not recommended to give any statement to the other driver’s insurance company.

  1. Contact a traffic accident attorney

You will also need to consult an experienced traffic accident attorney immediately after the accident. There are many consequences of being involved in an accident, including those that affect your finances, mental well-being and long-term health. When you hire a traffic accident attorney, he will conduct his own investigation to determine the strength of your claim case and build a strong case against the defendants. The traffic accident attorney will want access to all documentation you have about the accident. Your traffic accident attorney will not only be representing you but also acting like an ally in ensuring that you get a fair compensation for the injuries you sustained and that your financial standing remains in the best condition.

Being involved in a traffic accident can sometimes leave you crippled for life. You may lose your job, ability to move again and in worst case scenarios, people have lost their lives. It is important that you take the right measures at the scene of the accident and in the next few weeks to follow.